Authorised Logbook Service in ST Marys

A logbook service with Lovas will guarantee you an affordable service with reliable quality and outstanding customer service. We use quality parts and will service your car per the log book recommendations and checks. We'll also keep you informed of any areas that need attention outside of these checks. As an approved Log Book repairer, we will keep your logbook up to date with the required stamp.

My dealership said my warranty would be voided

Whilst your dealership mechanic will specialise in your make of vehicle, they do not have to repair or service your vehicle to maintain the logbook compliance (which ensures your vehicle remains under warranty).

'The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has welcomed an Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) statement re-affirming that car owners can get their vehicle serviced by an independent repairer, using "appropriate quality" parts and qualified staff, and still maintain their manufacturer's or extended warranty coverage.'

The Lovas experience

At Lovas, we have specialists in every field of vehicle repairs, your car will receive all the attention it needs to be in perfect working condition. If we find that your vehicle requires attention to its air conditioning, suspension or auto electrics, we have the right person to take good care of your job.

Keeping your car serviced is vital to its performance and the safety of everyone on the road, including yourself! Lovas can schedule your appointments and repairs for your convenience and budget requirements. Gone are the days of minor and major servicing, cars are built differently these days so we need to ensure that when servicing your vehicle, we address and fulfil the various needs specific to your vehicle, make, model, and age.